Dentures 101: Everything You Need to Know About Dentures

October 13, 2023by smiledental

Dentures are personalized tooth replacements that are designed to be removable. While going for dentures in Ranip may require an adjustment period, they closely resemble natural teeth, offering improved comfort and aesthetics.

Types of Dentures: Which one should you go for?

Dentist Khushbu Modi offering the best denture service in Ranip will help determine the most suitable denture type depending on your situation.

Partial dentures in Ranip: A solution for gaps in the teeth

Removable partial dentures in Ranip consist of replacement teeth on a gum-coloured acrylic or plastic base. They are connected by metal or plastic clasps to secure them in place. Partial dentures in Ranip are recommended when one or more natural teeth are missing. These dentures prevent the shifting of the surrounding teeth.

Complete dentures: Entire teeth replacement

Full dentures in Ahmedabad are utilized when all natural teeth are missing or have been removed. Conventional complete dentures are given after the gums have healed, while immediate complete dentures are placed immediately after the removal of teeth. Bones and gums change during the healing process, thus necessitating the need for adjustments. Generally, obtaining full dentures in Ahmedabad involves multiple visits to the best dentist in Ranip.

Factors that directly impact the cost of dentures in Ranip

There are three key factors that influence the cost of dentures. These include:

Preparatory procedures that need to be carried out

More the preparatory work, the higher the cost of dentures in Ranip.

Materials used

The higher the quality of the material used; the more the costs of the best denture service in Ranip.

Type of denture

The cost of partial dentures in Ranip will be much less than the cost of the best denture service in Ranip.

Care for your dentures after fitting

After the dentures in Ranip are fitted, it is normal to experience some sensitivity or soreness. Dentist Khushbu Modi will offer complete guidance on how to maintain your dentures, including cleaning, soaking, inserting, and removing them.

It is important to keep in mind that regular toothpaste should not be used for cleaning the dentures. Consult the best dentist in Ranip for denture cleaning recommendations. Using conventional toothpaste may result in discoloration and deformation of the dentures.

When teeth are absent, adjacent teeth may shift, resulting in biting, chewing, and even speech issues. A visit to the dentist Khushbu Modi for dentures can address these issues, improving both your smile and dental well-being.

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