Children / Pediatric dentistry

Children / Pediatric dentistry

Preserve the innocent smile and oral health with the help of pediatric dentistry!

Humans start developing teeth from the age of 6 months, which occasionally, fall off to get permanent teeth. This often makes parents ignorant towards the oral health of their kids. However, with the shift in eating habits and an increasing amount of junk food, soft drinks, sugary food products, etc. kids start developing dental issues at a very early age. Thus, having a regular visit to the best pediatric dentist like Dr. Khushbu Modi is a must to take good care of your child’s teeth and keep all dental issues away from him/ her.

Major pediatric dental services are available at Smile Dental Clinic & Implant Center

  • Preventive and diagnostic dentistry
  • Interceptive orthodontics
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Root canal treatment in milk teeth
  • Oral health habit cultivation

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the right age to book a kid’s dentistry appointment?

    As soon as your child turns 1, you can book an appointment with a pediatric dentist at the Smile Dental Clinic & Implant Center in Ahmedabad. This will help your dentist to keep an eye on your child’s teeth development and maintain healthy oral habits from the beginning.

    If you have not booked an early appointment, as soon as your child starts complaining about a tooth, you must visit the best pediatric dentistry in Ahmedabad, Smile Dental Clinic & Implant Center.

    Can I help my child adopt healthy oral habits?

    Usually, parents teach children about brushing, tongue cleaning, eating healthy food, etc. You, too, can continue doing this. However, it is not an alternative to pediatric dentistry if you want to maintain good oral health for your child.

    What is the age limit for a regular visit to a dentist for a kid?

    It is advised by a dental medical association to take your child to an expert dentist from childhood to adolescence. It means from the age of 1 year to 14 years can be the age during which a kid needs regular dental check-ups and healing based on the condition.

    Protect the smile of your child from brutal teeth and oral disease with a regular visit to the best pediatric dentistry in Ahmedabad.

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