Scaling & Polishing

Scaling & Polishing

Get the real shine of your teeth back to smile louder with the expert scaling and polishing process.

Tooth polishing by an expert dentist in Ranip will help you remove dental tartar, plaque, and extrinsic stains from your teeth surface to get the shine and natural look of your teeth back. Scaling and polishing in Ahmedabad include cleaning your teeth thoroughly and preventing and controlling the severity of gum diseases.

Teeth polishing/whitening

The cause of discolouration can vary from person to person. From the loss of enamel to dentin, anything can be the reason for yellow or discoloured teeth. Teeth polishing, also known as teeth whitening in Ahmedabad, can help you make your teeth look whiter and beautiful which makes it the best dental cosmetic procedure.

We offer the best teeth whitening and polishing services in Ranip to give you long lasting white teeth.

Teeth scaling

The teeth scaling process in Ahmedabad includes the removal of hardened plaque (tartar) from below and above the gumline to clean your teeth to the bottom of the pocket. The best dentist in Ranip also includes root planning and smoothening roots of your teeth in the scaling procedure to aid your gum to reattach to the teeth.

Dr Khushbu Modi has expertise in teeth scaling to give smoothen and cleaner roots to keep your gum line and teeth whiter and crystal clear to have a pearly white smile.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How often should I need teeth whitening?

    The best teeth whitening service can give excellent results that last for over a year or up to 3 years. Also, if you take good care of your teeth like quitting smoking, brushing your teeth properly, etc. can help you enjoy long lasting results. This may require you to go for teeth polishing after a year or so.

    Is the teeth scaling process painful?

    Surface tartar deposition is not painful to remove by the best dentist in Ahmedabad. However, if there are deep depositions, then it will need deep cleaning with anaesthesia before the teeth scaling process. There might be some gum soreness after the process and touching gum can cause bleeding. However, your dentist will provide the care instruction and medication.

    Is teeth whitening a permanent process?

    No, you need to repeat the process at a regular interval depending on the type of teeth whitening procedure you used from the top dentist. The results may last from a few months to three years.

    Improve your oral health and limit your gum disease with expert teeth scaling and polishing/ whitening services.

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