Tooth coloured filling / Dental fillings

Tooth coloured filling / Dental fillings

Fill your tooth with the filling that resembles your natural tooth!

Holes in teeth are common in many people and this can happen at any age due to a variety of reasons. These holes may result in struck food and accidentally damaged gumline that may cause acute pain. In the worst case, it may also result in fracture or crack in teeth or hampering other adjacent teeth that would leave you in a miserable situation.

Dental fillings at Smile Dental Clinic & Implant Center in Ranip fill different types of metal in these holes in your teeth to provide more durability and protection from other dental damages. On the other hand, the tooth coloured filling will fill the material that is identical to the colour of your own teeth, which is gaining a lot of popularity among youngsters.

Types of dental filling

  • Tooth coloured filling
  • Cast gold filling
  • Silver filling
  • Ceramics filling
  • Glass ionomer filling

Major advantages of dental filling

  • Prevent build up of plaque or tartar
  • Give protection against decay
  • Provide support to the teeth and reduce the need for tooth extraction
  • Prevent cracks and fractures
  • Provide better aesthetic

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Which is the best dental filling for me?

    In general, you may choose the type of dental filling you are interested in getting depending on your preference and budget. The final recommendation will be from your dentist based on the condition of your teeth.

    Can dental filling chip off?

    The best dentists implant the tooth coloured filling or any other material for dental filling meticulously to give you better and more reliable results. However, personal care contributes to the durability of dental fillings.

    Is it an expensive process?

    No, dental filling is not an expensive process.

    Let the best dentists in Ahmedabad give you consultation on the best dental filling.

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