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Shruti Patel

Dr Khushbu is not only an expert, but also very gentle in handling patients that fear surgeries. I had my root canal treatment at Smile Dental Clinic and Implant Center. The whole process and experience were smooth.

Rajesh Verma

I and my father use this dentistry. My father got a tooth extraction and it was really straightforward and painless. I regularly get a checkup from Dr Khushbu. She is very considerate, gentle, and helpful. I highly recommend her for all your tooth problems.

Richa Shah

Khushbu is a very caring dentist who excels in treating her patients. She explains the details of the treatment step by step.  I got braces for my tooth. I was quite nervous, but she made it all so smooth. One of the best dentists I have met till now.

Samuel Christian

I used a dental implant from Dr Khushbu. She gave consultation on the whole process and answered all my questions with details. The whole process of the dental implant was easier than I used to think. I highly recommend her for any type of dental implant. She is an expert.

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