Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Ideal Solution for Your Missing Tooth/Teeth!

In the last quarter of dentistry, the course of dental implant services has changed. Painless dental implants in Ranip, Ahmedabad have become popular because of expert dentists like Ms. Khushbu Modi. She offers meticulous dental implants in Ahmedabad to give a perfect look of real teeth or a tooth. The implanted tooth/ teeth will function like the natural one and give you boosted self confidence.

Dental implant procedure

Dental implant in Ahmedabad includes multiple stages.

Placing the implant

The dental implant in Ahmedabad consists of multiple processes:

  • Jawbone preparation
  • Make cuts and holes to implant tooth/ teeth
  • Bone grafting if the bone is weak to support dental implant surgery in Ahmedabad
  • Place the metal post
  • Temporary crown to fill the gaps until the bone is healed completely

Healing/ Osseointegration

In this process, the jawbone grows to unite with the surface of the dental implant Ahmedabad. This provides a strong base for the implanted tooth/ teeth.

The dental implants will get fused with the bone.

The second surgery will be easier after this healing process.

Abutment Placement

It is another surgery that helps to place the piece to which the tooth crown will attach. This piece is called an abutment. This is a simple and quick dental surgery offered by the top dentist in Ranip, Ms Khusbu Modi.

Placement of Permanent Crown

The last stage of dental implants in Ranip includes permanent crown making, which will resemble a natural tooth.

After permanent crown placement in Ahmedabad, your dentist will provide the care instruction to take care of the tooth after the dental implant surgery.

Benefits of dental implants at Khushbu Modi Dental Hospital Ranip

  • Restore the lost tooth with an artificial tooth that resembles the natural one
  • Maintain the contour and shape of your face
  • Protect healthy bones of adjacent teeth to maintain a durable structure
  • Enjoy your favourite food and self confidence

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is it a permanent solution?

    Dental implants by Khushbu Modi last for long if you take proper care of them. Its life span is about 25 years with good care.

    Can I get full mouth dental implant surgery?

    A dental implant is ideal to add a few missing teeth. If you are looking for teeth for a full mouth, then all-on-six or all-on-four is a recommended process.

    Is a dental implant painful?

    Dr. Khushbu Modi has years of experience as a successful dentist in Ahmedabad and one of the top dentists in Ranip. You will feel little to no pain during dental implant surgery.

    Get your self-esteem back by filling in missing tooth/ teeth with natural-like dental implants by the best dentist in Ranip, Ahmedabad.

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